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Flower Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Flower Evil Eye Wall Hanging

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The perfect protection for your house !
Nice gift for yourself or your loved one.

Society believes that these evil eye charms brings good luck and protection.You can protect yourself from the jealousy and harm.

In many cultures, even today, there is a prevailing superstition that if a person with evil thoughts in their hearts gazes at you, their ‘evil eye’ can cause bad things to happen.

Evil eye bead can be used as car mirror charm or home decoration (as wall hanging) or wedding favors.

Evil eye beads are totally handmade & applicable as various sizes.

Therefore, Glass Evil Eye Beads are generally used as a home decor or office decor. Glass Beads would be a great gift for new home or job.


Add a touch of whimsy and protection to your space with the Owl Evil Eye Wall Hanging. This unique and eye-catching piece features an owl design and dimensions of 22x6x2 cm (8.66" x 2.36" x 0.79"), making it the perfect addition to any wall. Weighing in at just 95 g (0.21 lbs), it won't weigh down your decor.

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