About us

Hello everyone! I'm Cansu, extending warm greetings from New York. Let me share a bit about myself—I hold a law degree and have had the incredible opportunity to travel extensively during my university years. Along the way, I encountered numerous prejudices and stereotypes about Turkey and its people. Following various job experiences, I found myself unexpectedly laid off during the onset of the pandemic.

Uncertain about my next steps, I decided to challenge and change the prevailing perspectives on Turks. Motivated to showcase the richness of Turkish culture, I launched Instagram accounts such as "aprendeturcoconcansu" and "maestradeturco" to provide information about Turkey and offer Turkish language lessons.

As these initiatives gained traction, I initially planned to move to Germany via Budapest for documentation purposes. However, a twist of fate led me to extend my stay in Budapest due to a romantic interest. Though the romantic endeavor didn't pan out, it paved the way for an unexpected move to Mexico.

While in Mexico, I observed a growing interest in Turkish products from people across Latin American countries. Inspired by this, I ventured into selling Turkish goods through my Instagram account. As the demand continued to rise, I decided to establish this website to streamline the process.

I genuinely hope you enjoy exploring the products I offer, and I welcome any comments or feedback you may have. Feel free to reach out to me through my personal email at cansuecemimir@gmail.com  

Sending the biggest virtual hug from New York! 💖